The Gun Trove

The Gun Trove is a promotional website that showcases the many usually-older, but still great and unseen guns that can be found in the back stockrooms of many firearm dealers, but don’t make it into the display cabinets.

This is usually simply due to limited showroom space being taken up by newer, more modern firearms.
But as a gun and sport shooting enthusiast I feel that there are many interesting, good quality and well-priced firearms that can be found in these backrooms that are still great options for the first time or budget buyer.

Particularly, as a firearm collector, these vast stockrooms represent potential treasure troves that may contain a hidden gem required to complete your collection, but which you may not have known was even available to you.

The Gun Trove brings all these wonderful, forgotten firearms into the limelight so that buyers can finally browse the vast range of potentially great options available to them.



The Gun Trove is an independent, marketing and promotional website and is not a firearms dealer or e-commerce website.

I am not involved in any transactions of any goods displayed on this website.

I simply manage and display a combined catalog of firearms that are currently available and held in stock at participating firearms dealers.

The product images shown in the product pages are photos of the actual firearm that is available, that I have taken, and therefore represent the true condition of the item.
(Only the serial numbers have been removed from the images)

If you are interested in a firearm shown in the catalog, please send me an enquiry that includes the firearm’s unique 4-digit reference number, and I will direct you to the dealer who stocks that item.

When visiting the dealer, you can give them the reference number so that they can identify the correct firearm for you to view, and if you wish to purchase it you can complete the transaction directly with them.

I only wish to showcase these firearms so that buyers can be made aware that they are available for purchase.

You are also very welcome to send me an email listing any firearms that you are currently looking for, whether it’s for self-defense, sports, hunting or collecting, and I will keep an eye out and let you know if I find anything.


My name is Alessandro, and I’m passionate about firearms and shooting.

Since I was young I’ve always had an interest in firearms, but it wasn’t until I started participating in sports shooting and self-defense training about 10 years ago that I really started to pursue what has now become my passion.

You can find me at the range virtually every weekend where I currently enjoy competing in IDPA, IPSC, ICORE, SADPA DMG and 3 Gun Nation matches, or simply just plinking.
I’ve also tried my hand at Clay Pigeon shooting, Steel Challenge and Pin Shooting, and hopefully will get to try other shooting sports in the future (maybe some Cowboy Action Shooting, I love their get-up).

A few times a year a I like to get away with my family on hunting trips, another really fun and challenging recreational shooting past time that I always look forward to.

Over the years I have done extensive firearm self-defense training and completed courses and curriculums with some excellent, local training providers.

I’m a certified International Training Academy (ITA) Advanced Level Firearms Instructor and accredited Assessor, and while I don’t currently offer training on firearm proficiency unit standards or SASSETA accredited courses, I do offer personalized, informal training for first time shooters, self-defense training and sport shooting.

I’m also a member of the Northern Cape chapter of the South African Arms and Ammunition Collectors Association, where I get to indulge my interest in firearms due to their historical or technical attributes, or simply because of how they make me feel.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any firearm or shooting related queries and I’ll do my best to offer any assistance or advice where I I can.