ASTRA 7000

PRICE: R 6,000.00 Incl. VAT


MAKE Astra
MODEL 7000
ACTION Semi-automatic - Direct Blowback
CONDITION Excellent used condition

Item Description


The Astra 7000 is a semi-automatic, pocket pistol, chambered in .22 LR, designed and produced by the Spanish firm Astra-Unceta from 1945 till 1989.
It was developed from the existing Astra 2000 (Cub) pistol which was chambered in 6.35mm (.25 ACP).
The Astra 2000 was itself basically a compact version of the Astra 200, but with an external hammer and no grip safety.

These pistols used to be very popular with their main market in the United States of America.
Astra even manufactured a version of this pistol for Colt’s Manufacturing Company with Colt branding known as the ‘Colt Junior’, that was available in .22 Short and .25 ACP.
However the 1968 Gun Control Act which prevented the importation of small, pocket pistols into the USA brought an end to those sales.


This pistol is in excellent, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
It has a Navy Kal-Gard finish which is still in excellent condition with no discernible marks or wear.
There is only some extremely light wear to the safety lever and front edges of the magazine.
It is fitted with aftermarket, custom ivory grips, but also includes the original wooden grip panels which are also in excellent condition.
The action is still extremely light.
It includes 2 x 6 round magazines.


This firearm is designed for extreme, concealed/pocket carry for self-defense.

While it certainly meets this criteria when it comes to weight and size, I would be cautious about carrying a .22 LR firearm, especially one with only 8+1 rounds, as your main self-defense firearm.

It would be a good firearm to consider as a second, backup concealed weapon.

This pistol is also suitable for certain, .22 LR Pocket Pistol target shooting exercises and sports.

It may also serve as a great, fun gun for simple target shooting and plinking at the range, and as a good tool for teaching handgun shooting and fundamentals of basic marksmanship to young or beginner shooters.

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