BERNARDELLI Vest Pocket Pistol

PRICE: R 1,750.00 Incl. VAT


MAKE Bernardelli
MODEL Vest Pocket Pistol
CALIBER 6.35mm (.25 ACP)
ACTION Semi-automatic - Direct Blowback
CONDITION Good used condition

Item Description


The Bernardelli Vest Pocket pistol is a semi-automatic, direct-blowback, stricker-fired, pocket pistol chambered in 6.35mm (.25 ACP), manufactured by the Italian firearm maker Bernardelli.
The Bernardelli company was founded in 1865 by Vincenzo Bernardelli with the establishment of a large factory with water-powered machinery.
In 1997 the V. Bernardelli company was forced into bankruptcy and its assets, brands, and trademarks were acquired by the Turkish company Sarsilmaz.

The Vest Pocket Pistol was Bernardelli’s first self-loading pistol and was introduced just after the Second World War.
It was based on the Walther Model 9 pocket pistol, and is sometimes referred to as the “VB” due to the initials embossed on the grip, however these initials actually stand for Vincenzo Bernardelli, and are found on almost every Bernardelli pistol ever made.

The pistol incorporates a manual safety lever on the frame just in front of the grips, as well as a magazine safety mechanism.
This particular pistol has a 1952 manufacturing date stamped in the left side of the frame.


This gun is in good to very good, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
The original finish is still very good, with extremely light wear around the muzzle and edges of the slide.
There are some light scratches on the frame, under the safety lever.
The original plastics grips are still perfect.


This firearm is designed for extreme concealed/pocket carry for self-defense, or as a back-up gun.
While it certainly meets this criteria when it comes to weight and size, I would be cautious about carrying a low power 6.35mm (.25 ACP) pistol as your main self-defense firearm.

This firearm may also have some collector value due to its history.

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