BSA Big Game Hunting Rifle

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CALIBER .458 Winchester Magnum
ACTION Bolt-Action
CONDITION Good used condition

Item Description


The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA) was a major British industrial combine, a group of businesses manufacturing military and sporting firearms, as well as many other products from automobiles, bicycles, to power tools.
Founded in 1861 in Birmingham, England, it was formed by members of the Birmingham Small Arms Trade Association specifically to manufacture guns by machinery.
It was encouraged to do this by the War Office which gave the BSA gunsmiths free access to technical drawings and to the War Office’s Board of Ordnance’s Royal Small Arms Factory factory at Enfield.
During its operational period BSA designed and manufactured many sporting and hunting, bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and air rifles in various calibers.
The company eventually went defunct in 1973.

This particular BSA rifle (unknown model) is a bolt-action, large-game hunting rifle chambered in .458 Winchester Magnum, and features an integral muzzle break incorporated into the end of the barrel to help control recoil.
Engraved in the side of the barrel are the markings, ‘BNP .458 WIN 2.50″. *
Underneath this are the marks, ’68 GRS NC 510 GRS BULLET’. **
The BSA logo is engraved on the side of the receiver.

* BNP – The “B” shows that the rifle was proofed by the Birmingham  Proof House after 1925, and the “NP” is for Nitro Proof which marks the firearm as capable of firing modern smokeless loads.
** These are the specifications of the cartridge load; a charge of 68 grains of nitrocellulose, loaded with a 510 grain bullet.

The .458 Winchester Magnum is a belted, straight-taper cased, Big five game rifle cartridge.
It was introduced commercially in 1956 by Winchester and was designed for hunting dangerous game animals and to compete against the .450 Nitro Express and the .470 Nitro Express cartridges used in big bore British double rifles.

The .458 Winchester Magnum’s case was based on a .375 H&H case shortened to 2.5 in (63.5 mm) and renecked (to reduce taper) to accept a .458 in (11.63 mm) bullet.
The original specifications for the cartridge called for a 510 gr (33 g) bullet to be fired at a velocity of 2,150 ft/s (660 m/s) through a 26 in (660 mm) barrel.
Current performance standards for the cartridge allow it to launch a 500 gr (32 g) bullet at a velocity of about 2,150 ft/s (660 m/s) through a 24 in (610 mm) barrel.
The .458 Winchester Magnum remains one of the most popular game cartridges, and most major ammunition manufacturers offer a selection of .458 ammunition.


This gun is in good, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
The overall finish to the firearm is still good, except for a few, small marks/spots on the barrel and receiver that have lightly marred the finish.
There is wear to the finish on the bolt handle edges of the trigger guard, as well as some very light wear on the edges of the receiver.
The condition of the stock is good with some very light scratches and shallow dings in places.
The rifle features an integral muzzle break incorporated into the end of the barrel.
It also features a cocked bolt indicator.
Includes a webbing sling.


This firearm is suitable for large and dangerous game hunting.

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