COLT Cobra

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MODEL Cobra - 1st Model
CALIBER .38 Special
ACTION Double action / Single action
CONDITION Fair to good used condition

Item Description


The Colt Cobra is a lightweight, aluminum-framed, double-action/single-action, 6 shot, short-barrelled revolver manufactured from 1950 until 1981 (although recently a new model of the Cobra has been put back into production).
It was chambered most commonly in .38 Special, as well as .38 New police, .32 Colt New Police, and .22 LR.

The Cobra was made in two models: the First Model, made from 1950-1971, and an improved Second Model, made from 1972-1981, recognizable by its shrouded ejector rod.
The Cobra is the same overall size and configuration as the famous Colt Detective Special and uses the same size “D” frame, except that the Cobra’s frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy as compared to the all-steel frame of the Detective Special.

Standard Cobras were blued with round-butt grip frames.
The .38 Special Cobra was available in 2, 3, 4, and 5″ barrel lengths, and the 2″ barrel version was available with a nickel finish at additional cost.
Early models also had a square-butt option.

This particular example is a First Model Cobra with a round-butt and original wooden grips, a 2″ barrel and a hammer shroud.


This gun is in fair to good, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
There is some light wear around the muzzle as well as along the edges of the front of the top strap and frame, sides of the trigger guard, bottom of the grip and front edges of the cylinder.
There are also a few, very small, light scratches in places on the frame, but nothing very significant.
The original wooden grips are still fair with uniform wear to the checkering but no other deep scratches or dings.
The cylinder lockup is still very good.


This firearm is suitable for home self defense, as well as every day concealed carry, although the slightly longer, 3″ barrel may make it slightly cumbersome to conceal for a small-framed person.

This firearm may also have some collectors value as Cobras are premium quality revolvers that are often highly sought after.

This firearm is suitable for use in the following sports:

  • ICORE – Classic division
  • MPDS – Revolver (REV) division
  • IDPA – Revolver division


A First Model Colt Cobra chambered in .38 Special was used by Jack Ruby to kill Lee Harvey Oswald after he assassinated President John F. Kennedy.
The infamous gun was purchased by a collector for $220,000 at an auction on December 26, 1991.

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