DUMOULIN Dangerous-Game Rifle

PRICE: R 40,000.00 Incl. VAT


MAKE Dumoulin
MODEL Unknown - Dangerous Game
CALIBER .416 Rigby
ACTION Bolt-Action - Mauser 98

Item Description


Dumoulin is a Belgium firearms manufacturer based in Liege, specializing in high-end, sporting shotguns, double-rifles and bolt-action rifles.
Guns produced by Ernest Dumoulin are essentially handmade to customer’s order. They are of highest quality, both in materials and workmanship.
Many of the dangerous-game, bolt-action models are based on FN Mauser 98 actions (as with this rifle).

This particular rifle (model unknown), chambered in .416 Rigby, has a fixed, rear, V-notch sight as well as a flip-up, V-notch sight for distances of 200m.
The receiver is tapped to accept scope mounts.
On the top of the barrel is engraved ‘H.DUMOULIN  MILMORT-LIGE’.

The .416 Rigby is a rifle cartridge designed in 1911 by London based gunmaker John Rigby & Company, for hunting dangerous game (particularly in Africa and India).
It is the first cartridge to use a bullet of .416 in (10.57 mm) diameter.
The .416 Rigby cartridge has one of the most voluminous cases and was originally designed to utilize cordite strands as a propellant, firing a full metal jacket or soft-point round nose bullet weighing 27 g (410 gr) at 700 m/s (2,300 ft/s) generating 6,375 J (4,702 ft⋅lbf) .
The current standard using smokeless powder is a 26 g (400 gr) bullet at 730 m/s (2,400 ft/s), generating 6,935 J (5,115 ft⋅lbf).

Today the .416 Rigby is favored by professional hunters and safari guides in Africa.
Prior to the ban on hunting in India, the .416 Rigby was successfully used to hunt dangerous game there which included the Bengal tiger, Indian rhino, and elephant.


This gun is in like new, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
The overall finish is still perfect.
The Walnut stock is in almost perfect condition, with only the odd, extremely light ding or scratch in places.


This firearm is suitable for big game hunting, and is particularly well suited for dangerous-game hunting and safari guiding.

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