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ACTION Semi-automatic - Gas-Delayed Blowback
CONDITION Fair to good used condition

Item Description


The Model 77B is a single-action, striker-fired, semi-automatic, gas-delayed blowback pistol chambered in 9mmP, developed and produced by Norinco of China in 1991.
It is a highly modified variant of the Type 77 pistol that was the main sidearm for the Peoples Liberation Army and Chinese Police for over two decades since 1976, although the 77B weighs twice as much as the original Type 77 and is over forty millimeters longer (as well as being chambered in 9mmP ammunition instead of 7.62x17mm).
The 77B was also produced exclusively for export and was never used by the police or military.

One of the other main changes is that the 77B pistol uses a gas retarded (delayed) blowback action with fixed barrel to help reduce the recoil of the more powerful 9mmP round.
The overall gas system is similar to one found in H&K P7 PSP pistol (as well as Vektor CP1 and Truvelo ADP pistols), with the gas cylinder located under the barrel, and the gas piston connected to the slide.
With this system opening of the slide is delayed by the pressure of gas that is bled from the barrel into the cylinder below it, which pushes against the piston attached to the slide.

Another very unique feature of this pistol is its one-handed cocking system, which allows the user to single-handedly rack the slide and chamber a cartridge by pulling the trigger guard back (which is attached to the slide) with his index finger.
When the trigger guard is released, the slide will return to chamber a cartridge, and then when the trigger is pulled to fire, the trigger guard automatically locks into place.


This gun is in fair to good used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
The finish on the slide and frame is still very good with only very few, extremely light scratches (almost indiscernible).
The left side plastic grip panel has a small piece broken off from the top corner, while the right side panel is still fine, with some very slight wear.
Comes with a single 9 round magazine.

  Extra magazines for this firearm available from Special Armory


This firearm is suitable for home self-defense, but is possibly a little too large for every-day, concealed carry, unless for a large-framed person.

This firearm may have some collectors value due to its unique technical aspects, i.e. the one-handed cocking system and gas-delayed blowback operation.

This firearm is suitable for use in the following sports:*

  • IDPA – SSP and ESP divisions
  • IPSC – Stock Gun
  • PIN SHOOTING – Stock gun and Pin gun

* The relatively low ammunition capacity of this handgun would make it fairly un-competitive and possibly quite frustrating to use in most time-based sport shooting disciplines.
Not to mention, extra magazines might be difficult to source for this firearm.

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