RUGER Speed-Six

PRICE: R 4,500.00 Incl. VAT


MAKE Ruger
MODEL Speed-Six
CALIBER .357 Magnum
ACTION Double action / Single action
CONDITION Fair to good used condition

Firearm Description


The Ruger Speed-Six was a fixed sights, round-butt frame version of the Ruger Security-Six.
Introduced in 1972, the Ruger Security-Six was a medium frame, double action/single action revolver chambered mainly in .357 Magnum, designed predominantly for the police and military markets.
Various versions of the Security-Six and Police Service-Six were adopted as issue firearms by various military branches and law enforcement agencies over the years.

Ruger revolvers are known to be extremely well built and robust, capable of handling the highest power factor ammunition and operating reliably in tough conditions over a long period.
While Ruger’s Security-Six line has been out of production since 1988, a total of over 1.5 million revolvers were produced and they remain well-liked and respected, as well as highly sought after in the second-hand market.

The Ruger Speed-Six was intended for use by plainclothes detectives and others desiring a more concealable handgun.
The standard barrel lengths available for these models were the same as those for the Service-Six, but also included a 3-inch length in certain law-enforcement contract orders.


This gun is in fair to good used condition. It is mechanically good and functional.
This is slight wear around the muzzle, and holster wear on the cylinder and top strap.
There are also some light scratches on the frame behind the cylinder on the right-hand side.
It comes with aftermarket (possibly custom) wooden grips with finger grooves, which are in good condition except for one, thin crack on the left-hand side.


This firearm is suitable for home self defense, as well as every day concealed carry (although it might be slightly heavy for a small framed person).

This firearm is suitable for use in the following sports:

  • IDPA – Revolver division
  • SADPA MPDS – Revolver (REV) division
  • ICORE – Classic division
  • PIN SHOOTING – Stock gun & Stock revolver