SMITH & WESSON Triple Lock

PRICE: R 20,000.00 Incl. VAT


MAKE Smith & Wesson
MODEL Triple Lock
CALIBER .455 Webley
ACTION Double action / Single action
CONDITION Fair to good used condition

Item Description


The Smith & Wesson Triple Lock (originally known as the .44 Hand Ejector 1st Model New Century) is a double-action/single-action, large-frame, 6-shot revolver chambered in .44 Special and .455 Webley.
The name ‘Triple Lock’ refers to its extra (third) locking lug on the cylinder crane, which was deemed necessary due to the increased power of the .44 Special cartridge.
It was and is considered by many, including handgun enthusiast and expert Elmer Keith, to be the finest revolver ever made.

The ‘.44’ is part of the model name, regardless of the specific calibre of chambering of any individual revolver, and ‘Hand Ejector’ differentiated the new design from Smith & Wesson’s earlier top break revolvers.
The ‘New Century’ designation was in recognition of its status as Smith & Wesson’s first 20th century design.

It was only manufactured between 1908 and 1915, for a total of 15,376 revolvers, a stock that sold out completely by 1917.
It was replaced by a .44 Hand Ejector 2nd Model, most visibly different in lacking the ejector shroud and third locking lug, changes made due to customer demand and cost saving.

During the early years of the First World War, to cover manufacturing shortages of the Webley Mk VI the Ministry of Munitions contracted Colt and Smith & Wesson to manufacture Triple Locks chambered in .455 Webley.
Smith & Wesson were given an initial contract to manufacture 5,000 revolvers, known as the ‘Pistol Smith & Wesson .455 with 6.5″ barrel Mark I’, which were introduced into British service as a “substitute standard” sidearm alongside the Colt New Service.
Subsequent orders, lacking the third locking lug and ejector shroud, totaled 69,755 and were known as the ‘Mark II’.



This gun is in fair to good (more on the good side, especially for its age), used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
There is some light, uniform wear to the original finish on the sides of the barrel, bottom of the ejector shroud and parts of the side of the frame and top strap.
There is also some light wear to the front and side edges of the cylinder, as well as a light drag line.
There are a few, very small, very light scratches on parts of the frame, but nothing very significant.
There are also a few spots of light surface rust in places on the barrel.
The original wooden grips are still in very good condition with no discernible marks or scratches.
The lockup is still very good.


This firearm is suitable for home self defense, but is too large for every day carry, unless for a large-framed person.

While this revolver is still perfectly functional and suitable for certain shooting sports, it is probably more suited to be a collector firearm due to its historical and technical heritage.

This firearm is suitable for use in the following sports:

  • IDPA – Revolver division
  • MPDS – Revolver (REV) division
  • ICORE – Classic division
  • PIN SHOOTING – Stock gun & Stock revolver

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