UBERTI Maverick Derringer

PRICE: R 2,500.00 Incl. VAT


MAKE Uberti
MODEL Maverick Derringer
CALIBER .357 Magnum
ACTION Single Action
CONDITION Good used condition

Item Description


A. Uberti, Srl. is an Italian manufacturer of high quality replicas of 19th century American percussion revolvers, carbines, and rifles as well as cartridge revolvers, single-shot rifles, and lever-action rifles.
These replicas are commonly used by historical re-enactors, participants in action shooting sports such as cowboy action shooting, working ranchers and target shooters who prefer traditional-style firearms.
Thanks to their quality, Uberti replicas are also sought after by collectors and historical firearm enthusiasts.

The Uberti Maverick is a double-barrelled, derringer pistol modeled after the popular Remington Model 95 pocket pistol.
They were produced through the 1960s and were available chambered in .38 Special, .357 Magnum and .45 Long Colt, finished in either deep blue or colour case hardening, or nickel plated.
It is fired in single action, requiring the hammer to first be cocked manually, with each barrel fired sequentially.


This gun is in good, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
The original blue finish on the barrel is still very good with only very few, tiny scratches in places.
The colour case hardened finish frame is very good with only very few, extremely light scratches in places, which are not very noticeable at all.
The wooden grips are slightly scratched and dented, but otherwise still good.


I honestly cannot imagine anyone seriously considering a single-action, 2-shot derringer as a viable option for self-defense, but from a purely technical standpoint, this pistol could be used for that purpose.

The .357 Magnum cartridge is powerful and is certainly an excellent man-stopper, however in such a small pistol it would produce significant recoil it could only be accurately and effectively utilized at very close range.

This pistol could possibly serve as a suitable, concealed back-up weapon.

It may also have some collectors value for a collector with a Derringer, Old West or “Saturday Night Special” collectors theme.


Uberti firearms have been featured in numerous Western movies thanks to their authentic looks.
Some of these movies include ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’, ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, ‘True Grit’, ‘The Outlaw Jersey Wales’, ‘Dances With Wolves’ and ‘Tombstone’.

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