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MAKE Winchester
MODEL 1200 Riot
CALIBER 12 Gauge
ACTION Pump-Action
CONDITION Good used condition

Item Description


The Winchester Model 1200 pump-action shotgun was introduced in 1964 as a more modern and low-cost replacement for the Model 12, and remained in production until 1983 when it was succeeded by the model 1300.
It was available in barrel lengths of 30-inch and 28-inch and chambered in 12, 16, or 20-gauge.
Variants also included either fixed chokes or Winchester’s Winchoke system, a quick change tube to allow the easy replacement of chokes.
The Model 1200 was also one of the first shotguns to utilize a rotating bolt.

The Winchester 1200 was first offered as a sporting and hunting gun, while the combat variant, known as the 1200 Riot, was widely adopted by a variety of US law enforcement agencies.
Both the US Army and Marine corps bought a number of specially altered Model 1200 Riot guns (with heat shields and bayonets) for use during the Vietnam war.

This particular model is a 1200 Riot gun (as identified by the designation on the barrel) in 12 gauge, with an 18″ barrel.
It is fitted with an magazine tube extension giving it a total capacity of 6 rounds.
It is also fitted with a home-made, wooden pistol grip.


This gun is in good to very good, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
The condition of the finish on the barrel is very good, with only some extremely light wear around the muzzle, and one or two very small spots of light surface rust (easily removed).
The receiver is also in very good condition, with only very few, tiny, light scratches.
The wooden forend is in very good to excellent condition, with only one or two tiny dents/scratches.
The hand-made, wooden pistol grip is functional, but very small and really not great (I recommend that this gets replaced with another pistol grip or stock).
It has an 18″ barrel and is fitted with a plus 2 magazine tube extension.


This firearm is very well suited for home self-defense.

The absence of a shoulder stock makes this shotgun unsuitable for sport shooting (this actually excludes it from most sports due to their rules and regulations).
However if you remove the pistol grip and fit a shoulder stock (which is what I strongly recommend, and there are many after market ones available) it will then be suitable for the following sports:

  • IPSC Manual Shotgun – however a longer magazine tube would be preferable.
  • 3GN – however a longer magazine tube would be preferable.
  • PIN SHOOTING – Shotgun event

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