W.J. JEFFERY & CO. Hunting Rifle – .375 H&H

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MAKE W.J. Jeffery & Co
CALIBER .375 H&H Magnum
ACTION Bolt-Action
CONDITION Very good used condition

Item Description


W.J. Jeffery & Co was a London gun and rifle maker, founded by William Jackman Jeffery, who started his career in the gun trade in 1885 working in the front shop of Cogswell & Harrison.
In 1890 Jeffery started his own business in partnership with a man by the name of Davies and they formed the company Jeffery & Davies.
This partnership was short lived and in 1891 the firm was renamed W.J. Jeffery & Co.

Unlike other London gunmakers, W.J. Jeffery & Co offered modern big-game hunting rifles in the medium price bracket.
In order to compete with his biggest competitors, John Rigby & Company and Westley Richards, he outsourced to several Birmingham based rifle manufacturers including Saunders, Ellis, Webley, Tolley and Leonard bros, as well as Turners of Reading, John Wilkes and others in addition to sourcing components from abroad.
By the time of William Jeffery’s death in 1909 they were probably the largest marketer of double rifles within the UK, with large numbers being used in Africa and India.

W.J. Jeffery & Co were also responsible for developing many different calibers of rifle ammunition, including .400 Jeffery Nitro Express, .600 Nitro Express, .404 Jeffery, .333 Jeffery, .303 Magnum and many others.

This particular rifle appears to be built on a Mauser magnum action and is set in a simple but neat, checkered wooden stock.
On the receiver just in front of the barrel it is stamped, ‘COR.MKI 58 – 300MAG’ and ‘375 2.85″‘.
There is also a simple engraving of the outline of an antelopes head.
Stamped into the top of the barrel are the words, ‘ W.J. JEFFERY AND CO LTD. 9 GOLDEN SQUARE. LONDON. W.1.’*

*In 1927 W.J. Jeffery & Co moved from its original Queen Victoria Street address to 9 Golden Square, Soho, and later in 1955 it moved to 5b Pall Mall, London.
This marking on the barrel could then indicate that this rifle (or at least the barrel and action) was manufactured between 1927 and 1955.

The .375 H&H Magnum also known as .375 Holland & Holland Magnum is a medium-bore rifle cartridge introduced in 1912 by London based gunmaker Holland & Holland.
The .375 H&H often is cited as one of the most useful all-round rifle cartridges, especially in shooting large and dangerous game.
When the .375 H&H Magnum was released in 1912 it was loaded with three bullet weights: a 235 gr at 2,800 ft/s, 270 gr at 2,650 ft/s and a 300 gr at 2,500 ft/s.
Today, a typical factory load will launch a 270 gr spitzer bullet at 2,690 ft/s with 4,337 ft⋅lbf of energy at the muzzle, or 300 gr bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,530 ft/s, churning out 4,263 ft⋅lbf of energy.

In many regions with thick-skinned dangerous game animals, the .375 H&H is seen as the minimum acceptable caliber, and in many places (primarily in Africa) it is now the legal minimum for hunting such game.
African game guides, professional hunters, and dangerous game cullers have repeatedly voted the .375 H&H as their clear preference for an all-round caliber if they could have only one rifle.


This rifle is in good to very good, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
The finish on the barrel and receiver is still very good with no discernible signs of wear or scratches, however the barrel sling-lug is missing from under the barrel.
The wooden stock is in excellent condition and appears to have been recently refinished, with only one, very small dent at the bottom of the butt near the recoil pad, in an area that is not plainly visible.
The recoil pad appears to be brand new.
The barrel is 24″ in length.


This firearm is suitable for medium to large and dangerous game hunting.
It is very well suited to game guiding.

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