Terms and Conditions

The Gun Trove is purely an advertising website and is not an e-commerce or firearms dealing business.

The Gun Trove is an online product catalog, advertising and showcasing products that are currently in stock and available for sale from various authorized firearms dealers around South Africa.

The Gun Trove is not involved with any transactions of the products advertised on this website.

All transactions of advertised products are between the purchaser and the relevant firearms dealer.

The Gun Trove is not involved with any part of the transaction between the purchaser and the dealer, e.g. price negotiations, transfer of stock, supply of license application paperwork, delivery, product warranties etc.

The prices of advertised products are determined and set by the relevant firearms dealer and exclude any storage or administrative costs, where and if applicable.

The Gun Trove is not responsible for and does not guarantee the condition or functioning of any of the products advertised on the website.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inspect any firearm that they are interested in to determine its correct functioning and condition, and establish any warranty policies with the dealer, where and if applicable.

While we endeavor to maintain an up-to-date and accurate product catalog, The Gun Trove cannot guarantee that all products advertised in the catalog are available for purchase at all times.

Purchasers should always confirm the availability of products of interest with the relevant dealers before arranging an appointment to physically inspect them.