I offer personalized, informal firearms training for handgun, shotgun and rifle.

By informal, I mean that I do not follow a particular training institution’s curriculum nor do I offer SASSETA accredited courses or unit standard certifications.
The main focus of my training is to simply enhance the competence, safety and skill of the shooter in a personalized, one-on-one setting so that they can become a more confident, capable and responsible firearm owner.

Each training session is designed to cater for the specific skill level and desired goals and outcomes of the individual, which are discussed and assessed beforehand.
In this way I can focus specifically on the areas that you wish to work on or that you require in order to meet your desired goals, and making the most of your time.

Examples of areas and skills that can be covered are:

These would be skills required for the very beginner shooter, covering basic yet essential topics like firearm safety, basic firearm law, firearm controls and manipulation, fundamentals of marksmanship (grip, stance, trigger control, sight-alignment etc), resolving malfunctions and range etiquette.

These are the same, important skills that one would cover when undergoing firearm proficiency training (unit standards), and while I do not offer certification for these unit standards, this type of training can serve as a good precursor or refresher to your certified proficiency course.

This type of training is also useful for those who have never used firearms before and are considering doing proficiency training (in order to later apply for a firearm license), but who first want to experience shooting a firearm or type of firearm before proceeding.

This type of basic training can be provided for all firearm types (pistols, revolvers, manual rifles, self-loading rifles and shotguns).

These would be the minimum required skills for anyone who plans on carrying a firearm and using it for self-defense purposes, and would include topics like holster selection and positioning, concealment and drawing, reloading techniques, point-shooting, using cover, shooting while moving, and awareness and mindset.

Depending on the existing skill level, available time and desired goals of the student, there are many, more advanced skills that can also be covered like shooting in the dark and torch use, close-quarter and close-retention shooting, dynamic movement, simulated stress drills and more.

This type of training can also be provided for all firearm types (pistols, revolvers, manual rifles, self-loading rifles and shotguns).

A Note on Self-Defense Training
When it comes to self-defense training, I strongly believe and suggest that one should participate in as many training courses by different institutions and instructors as one’s time and budget permits.
In this way you not only learn a greater variety of different skills and techniques (some of which you may find more or less effective or suitable to your disposition and life-style than others) but you also benefit from the different experiences, knowledge and areas of expertise provided by different instructors.

We are very fortunate in South Africa to have some excellent, world-class firearms trainers available who offer such courses, and if you wish further develop your self-defense skills I can discuss this with you and make some recommendations of training providers and courses.

If you are interested in trying your hand at sport shooting, I can assist by giving an overview of the most popular and locally available sport shooting disciplines and would cover topics like rules, regulations and administrative issues, firearms and equipment used, skills required, availability of clubs and matches in your area, and estimated costs.

To help give you a real feel for sport shooting we would also run simulated stages and courses of fire of various different disciplines using the appropriate firearms and equipment, in order for you to determine the sport that best fits your particular aptitude, current firearm/s, budget, or which you simply enjoy the most.

In order to take part in this type of training one would already have to be proficient and safe in firearm use, which would be assessed beforehand.

If you already partake in sport shooting and would like to work on a specific skill set to help ‘up your game’, I can work and train with you to help improve those areas that you require (provided that I determine that my comparable knowledge or skill level in those areas is such that I can provide you with truly beneficial guidance).

My Qualifications and Experience

I am an International Training Academy (ITA) Advanced Level Firearms Instructor, qualified in providing training on Handgun, Shotgun, Manual-loading and Self-loading Rifle/Carbine.
As an instructor I am also a certified Range Officer. 

I am also an ITA certified Assessor, although I do not currently provide firearm unit standard proficiency training and certification.

I am a member of the Professional Firearms Training Council (PFTC) .

I have been involved in sport shooting for over 10 years and regularly compete in club, league and national level matches and competitions.
My main focus over these years has been in IDPA, SADPA Dynamic Multi-Gun (DMG), 3 Gun Nation, ICORE and IPSC, in which I have competed, organized and run matches.
I have also participated in Pin Shooting and Steel Challenge matches.

You can learn more about these sports HERE

I am a founding member and Executive Committee member of 3 Gun Nation South Africa as well as ICORE South Africa.

In all of these disciplines I have competed in different divisions, using a variety of different firearms.


As with most people, my first firearm was a handgun purchased and licensed for self-defense use, and I have been carrying it every day for that purpose for approximately 15 years.
Since making the decision to carry a handgun for self-protection, I have completed many firearm self-defense courses with various highly experienced and skilled trainers, as well as undertaken hundreds of hours of my own self-defense-focused training, in order to a more competent and responsible firearm owner.

While I am not associated with any particular self-defense training institution or style, I have acquired and developed ample experience to impart the fundamentals of effective self-defense shooting skills, as well as to set a new firearm owner down the correct path to more advanced shooting training should they desire it.

Costs and Logistics

Training fee for first hour: R 450.00
R 250.00 per hour thereafter

Training fee per person for first hour: R 350.00
R 200.00 per person per hour thereafter

Training fee excludes range entry fee, ammunition cost and firearm use.

All training is conducted at False Bay Sport Shooting Club (FBSSC). 

If required, firearms can be hired and ammunition purchased from False Bay Firearm Training Academy (FBFTA), located at FBSSC.
Note: Only ammunition purchased from FBFTA is to be used in hired firearms.
Contact me for pricing on firearm hire and ammunition costs.

Training may also be conducted using your own firearm and ammunition.

Training must be arranged and booked in advance (at least 2 days), with pre-payment of first hour’s fee to confirm booking.
A brief pre-assessment will be conducted by phone before the training date to determine the details and structure of the training.

FIREARM TRAINING INDEMNITY FORM – Must be signed before training can commence

False Bay Sports Shooting Club
Tercentenary Way, Glencairn, Cape Town, 7995

To make a training enquiry, please email me at info@theguntrove.co.za and I will contact you by phone to discuss your training requirements