PRICE: R 750.00 Incl. VAT


MAKE High Standard
MODEL Derringer
CALIBER .22 Magnum
ACTION Double action only
CONDITION Fair used condition

Item Description


High Standard Firearms was an American manufacturer of firearms, founded in 1926 and closed in 2018.
They are most well known for their range of accurate, high quality, .22 LR target pistols for training and competition use, although they have also produced other types and calibers of firearms for military and commercial use.
During World War II, the company supplied .22 caliber pistols for basic pistol training and familiarization to the armed forces.

Introduced in 1962, the High Standard D-100 and the later D-101 & DM-101 are hammerless, double-barreled, double-action derringers with half-trigger-guards and break actions.
These derringers were chambered for .22 LR and .22 Magnum and were available in blued, nickel, silver, and gold plated finishes.
They were discontinued in 1984.

This particular pistol is finished in matte grey and is chambered in .22 Magnum.
The barrels pivot downwards for loading and unloading, and as it opens, a small extractor extends to assist with removing empty cases.


This gun is in fair, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
The matte grey finish on the barrel (possibly stainless steel) is still quite good with no major wear marks or scratches.
The finish on the frame (possibly zinc-alloy) is lightly tarnished all over, with also some extremely light scratches in places.
The left, plastic grip panel is chipped at the bottom, while the right panel is still complete.
The pistol requires a good strip and cleaning, but is otherwise functional.


I would not recommend a 2-shot derringer for (primary) self-defense, but from a purely technical standpoint, this pistol could be used for that purpose.

.22 Magnum actually has quite good ballistics for a small caliber round, and the pistol certainly is very small, light and concealable, however in this format it could only be accurately and effectively utilized at very close range.

This pistol could possibly serve as a suitable, concealed back-up weapon.

It may also have some collectors value for a collector with a Derringer or High Standard  collectors theme.

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