PRICE: R 8,000.00 Incl. VAT


MAKE Steyr
ACTION Semi-automatic - Delayed Blowback
CONDITION Good to Very Good used condition

Item Description


The Steyr M9-A1 is one of a series of semi-automatic pistols developed by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co KG of Austria for police services and the civilian shooting market.
The first pistol in the series, the M9, was launched in 1999.
The M9-A1 is the original duty-sized version of the pistol, chambered in 9mmP, and the A1 designation indicates that it is a later generation model (second or third) with various improvements over the original.

The pistols are polymer framed with a milled steel slide, and utilize the mechanically locked Browning short recoil method of operation with a linkless, vertically dropping barrel.
They are striker fired and don’t have any manual or external safeties, relying rather on a series of internal safety mechanisms and a trigger safety.
Other safety features include a loaded chamber indicator and an integrated limited access lock operated using a key to prevent unauthorized use.

One of the unique design features of the Steyr pistols is the very high grip profile which holds the barrel axis close to the shooter’s hand and makes them more comfortable to shoot by reducing muzzle rise and allowing for faster aim recovery.
Another are the fixed, low-profile iron sights that consist of a triangular front sight and a trapezoid rear notch that lead the eye to the target for quicker target acquisition and allow for instinctive aiming.

This particular M9-A1 is a third generation model encompassing improved ergonomics and grip texture, updated accessory rail, revised slide and improved trigger.


This gun is in good to very good, used condition. It is mechanically sound and functional.
There is some light wear to the front of the slide and some extremely light wear to the edges of slide, but nothing significant.
There are also a few very light, small scratches in places on the slide, also nothing significant.
The polymer frame is still in excellent condition.
It is fitted with aftermarket TruGlo fiber-optic front and rear sights.
It comes in its original plastic case and includes the original manual.
Includes 2 x 15 round magazines.


This firearm is suitable for home self-defense is possibly for every day concealed carry (for a tall or larger framed person).

This firearm is suitable for use in the following sports:

  • SADPA – SSP and ESP divisions
  • MPDS – Service Pistol (SP15) and Service Pistol Limited (SP10) divisions
  • IPSC – Stock Gun
  • PIN SHOOTING – Stock gun and Pin gun

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