Firearm Delivery Options

If you purchase a firearm from a dealer that is not in your area, you have two options available for licensing that firearm and getting it to you.

The easiest option is for the dealer to send you the license application paperwork via courier service, that you can complete and submit to your local DFO.
Then, once the license has been approved and you have received your license card, they can courier the firearm directly to your address.

The other option is that they first courier the firearm to a local firearm dealer in your area (at your arrangement and understanding with the local dealer).
The local dealer will then transfer that firearm into their own stock, and supply you with the license application forms to submit to your local DFO.
Once the application has been approved, you can collect the firearm.

This option can often result in delays with receiving and submitting your license application paperwork, as it can sometimes take a long time for the Central Firearms Registry to transfer the stock from one dealer’s name to another on their system, and it is completely out of the dealers’ hands as to the time frame of this process.

The local dealer may also charge for storage (usually a monthly fee), where most dealers who sell the firearm will store it at no charge for a few months while you apply for the license (however after a certain period a storage fee eventually becomes applicable).

For both of the above options a separate transport/courier fee will be applicable which will be quoted and charged to you by the respective dealer.

RAM Hand-To-Hand Couriers are the only courier service in South Africa who are permitted to transport firearms, and who offer this specialized service.

If you are having a firearm delivered directly to you, you will have to provide RAM (or rather the dealer who is making the courier arrangements) with a copy of your firearm license (for the firearm being delivered).

To see a copy of the RAM Firearm Consent Form and the terms and conditions of this service, click HERE.