Your First Firearm

When it comes to purchasing your first firearm, particularly for self-defense purposes, I would always recommend that you opt for a brand-new gun, something from the range of latest generation pistols.

After all, you will be relying on that firearm to defend your very life in the worst of circumstances, and you don’t want to suffer from any buyers regret at the crucial moment.

However, everyone lives within different means, and if it is not in your allowable budget to purchase a brand-new firearm, there are still many excellent pre-owned guns that can be considered and will fulfill this function perfectly.
In the end, we all have the right to protect ourselves and our families and we should not be hindered by our financial circumstances.

When deciding on a gun for self-defense, particularly if it will be your only one, you must consider your living and working  circumstances and the firearm’s intended purpose.

For example, if you travel a lot, are normally on your own or your occupation is one with an element of risk, then it would be preferential to have a handgun that you can carry and have with you at all times.

However if you are rather just looking for something to protect yourself and your family with while at home, then a shotgun may be the more effective, and sometimes more economical choice.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding self-defense firearms or would like in guidance or advice in this area.

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